Monday, July 29, 2013

What to say about Monday...

Monday again.  This week is going to be exciting because we are filming the intern video!  We don't know which day exactly yet, so of course I am making sure I don't look like crap.  Of course the one day I might slip up, we'll shoot with my luck.

Researching leads this morning proved quite smooth, however my ending number is still pretty slow, working on beefing that up.

I am not sure the status of  Project 50 what our next steps are etc.  I believe the Design interns are continuing our logo ideas and CD covers.

Today I will once again research bullying links to prep for the blog update tomorrow.  I have found it a lot easier to have a list of 5 or 6 to choose from tomorrow images and all, that way I am just plugging them into WordPress.

Also, I am unaware of the process of the logo for the arial company I worked on last week, looking to see if any changes have been made, more client response, those kinds of things.

Monday blogs are always short catch up thoughts on the week ahead, forming into real discussion Tuesdays.

Meghan Connolly
Design Intern
Umass Dartmouth

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