Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today I focused my marketing research in Foxboro and Shrewsbury. My lead numbers seem to be very consistent these days as my 61 leads for today shows. My morning was the same as it always is, even though I am running on about 5 hours of sleep.

This week looks to be pretty interesting and eventful for me because I have a job interview tomorrow and jury duty on Thursday. The job interview is for a photography position at O'Connor Studios in Tewksbury. I am really excited and I hope I can land the job. Thursday will be my second time having jury duty and luckily it is in Lawrence which is close to my house.

A lot of the other interns are going to Boston tomorrow to do promotional work for one of our clients. It sounds like a fun day and it will be nice for them to do something different, unfortunately I am not working tomorrow due to my interview.

Yesterday I ended the day with some website proofing, blog posts and social media promotions. The 50 Project hasn't been as busy lately so I assume we will pick up where we left off this afternoon.

Randy McGravey
Public Relations Intern
Esente Music Group

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