Thursday, July 25, 2013

     It's been a pretty typical day so far at Esente. I came in and have been collecting leads all morning. I started to finish finding the contact information for all of the legal businesses in Quincy that I started with yesterday, and after finishing those I started collecting all Media and Medical Equipment in Brockton. So far I have collected a total of 80 leads, which is the most I have ever collected. Maybe I have been working quickly this morning because I have been listening to Selena Gomez's new album "Stars Dance" which is actually pretty good. I was never a big fan of her or her music until her newest single "Come and Get It" was released, which is just so catchy that I couldn't resist listening to her new album which came out a couple days ago.
    After lunch I'm probably going to be working on more CD covers for the 50 Project. I've made a few that I really like so far, but I am confident that I can make more that I like better. On Tuesday all the graphic design interns were assigned to create a logo for a client called Stream Brand Media. I was pretty happy with what I made, but I'm excited to go back to working on CD covers since I prefer making CD covers over creating logos.

Hollister Ream
Graphic Design Intern
Wheelock College

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