Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Art of Busy Work

I know yesterday introduced you to who I am and why I am doing this but now I face the biggest task: glamorizing the art of busy work. Yes, I said there was an art but I’m not sure if people believe that it goes into companies. I guess this is my spiritual side showing and I have to be a guru in this place.

Yesterday, I had undergone the art of busy work with Kayleigh and Laura as my bosses. For an hour, I familiarized myself with who we would be working with: Right Now Against Bullying, Stop Drunk Driving now, Jayna Lininger, and Omnipoint. This first task, in busy work, gave me a look at what I wanted to know about every company and artist.

I wrote six blogs. The first blog was Esente. Then I wrote three blogs on bullying and three on drunk driving summarizing articles we found online. (We had to make sure we didn’t choose the same articles, of course.)

Finally, I was faced with the busiest task: a semester-long project finding independent contractors that were in need of service for Omnipoint. Aren and I were assigned five cities and we made sure to ask questions that were relevant to what we wanted to accomplish. This lasted for the rest of my day.

Today, we observed a meeting about how the mailing system works and understood the chain of command. I found a key phrase that is pertinent here: If it doesn’t work, you’re throwing spaghetti against the wall.

I have found that interesting especially when working on the contact lists. You keep moving and try to find the end goal even if you can’t always get the best results. It’s good to understand how to work against the obstacles and push forward to complete the final goal.

This goal is almost complete. I know we’re going home early after doing a lot of hard work. It may be busy but we will get through this. I look forward to teaching this to interns soon.

Alex DelGreco (ADG)
Southern New Hampshire University '16
PR Intern

Monday, May 18, 2015


Today is my first day as a PR Intern at Esente Music Group. I am so excited to see what is in store for me in the next couple of months. So far, everyone is super friendly and the work environment seems fun. 

I have had a love for music for such a long time. Starting with my parents who have a very collective taste in music which exposed me to many different and great artists. I began to grow my knowledge of the music industry when I joined a student organization at the University of New Hampshire this year. I was hired into SCOPE (Student Committee on Popular Entertainment). This was by far the best choice I had made at UNH. 

SCOPE is responsible for bringing an promoting nationally recognized talent to UNH. It is all student run and all choices made are done my the members in the organization. This is something that I'v dedicated much time to and love the experience I have already gained. So far, I have put on 3 shows with SCOPE and was elected as the Business Manager for next year. I cannot wait to see what this organization can do.

Esente is another step I am taking to hopefully persuing a career in the music industry and can't wait to gain knowledge about the industry and the different aspects of it.

Aren Salmela 
PR Intern
University of New Hampshire

ADG's First Day

What does it mean to truly become esente?

That’s the question I ask myself as I work my first day.  When I look up the Italian word esente, it means free and clear. So far, the only thing that’s clear is the yawns I get from waking up at 5:45am to catch the bus to Malden and go inbound to North Station. The best things in life aren’t always free and it took work to get to where I am. Hence why I had to get a chai tea from Dunkins downstairs before I started my day and was the target of conversation with a man who wanted me to give him money (which I didn’t).  

(Quick advice: if a man approaches you before 8am at North Station and has contradicting stories [i.e. gave $200 to charity then says he got robbed, needs a ticket to South Station for a few bucks then needs $40 to take a bus to Birmingham], it is best to get security.)

Welcome to life in the music industry. A fast-paced revitalizing network that keeps moving where nothing’s handed and I have to work for what I want. And what do I want? A career in this industry. Why? As L. Boogie said, everything is everything.

For the next few minutes, feel free to listen to “Everything is Everything”, the soundtrack for my first blog post.  And listen to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, one of the best albums that you will hear in your lifetime. Believe me!

So here’s what you need to know.

The name is Alex. Alex DelGreco, but you can call me ADG. Y’all will know me, by the time I am done with these blog posts I will write.

Fun fact: I found out about this internship through Craigslist. I was sitting with my school’s career counselor and I had stumbled upon this opportunity. It seemed too good to be true and I had no idea what to expect. But I’m sticking this out to see where this opportunity will take me because I believe I am destined for this path and I want to see where this will take me.

I’m a senior at Southern New Hampshire University majoring in Communications.  I am an outgoing self-driven motivated man. I always find myself interested in analyzing data, creating interpersonal relationships, and aiming to please. I am ready to move out to California when I graduate and pursue a career in the music industry.

I have my own Bandcamp: adgofficial.bandcamp.com and I find myself always creating and producing new music I can use. I hope to create an empire I can sustain and build a legacy while bringing awareness to topics people don’t discuss in music.

But that’s just the beginning. I know that’s there more for people to know. I don’t want to give it all away.  Just remember change comes eventually. What is meant to be will be.


Alex DelGreco (ADG)
Southern New Hampshire University '16
PR Intern

Thursday, December 4, 2014

And We're Back!

Thanksgiving break was a great time to clear my head and get rest before heading back to school and work. It was great feeling ready and refreshed before the start of the week.

This was a different week for me, since I got to go to a photo shoot with one of my colleagues. It was a great first time experience, since I've never been part of a photo shoot. I got to learn the entire process of taking a set of photos, for a client that was looking to introduce a new product into the market, and needed an updated set of photos with his new creation.

The main focus is still Ron's new slogan "More Funds Less Fun". Structural changes have been made in order to improve the efficiency of the company, this was done by introducing Laura's second team, of whom she's going to be in charge with in order to keep increasing lead conversion reates, which is still of utmost importance above all for the company.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Endicott College

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Less Fun, More Funds...

…is the new company-wide slogan Ron introduced to the team today.
After an extensive meeting with the Onpoint team today, it was concluded that we had to focus on more specific things in order to increase lead conversion and revenue for the company.

The main focus was leads and sending more emails each week.  This is going to be achieved by having “Team 2” (as Ron referred to it), work on a series of projects that are going to benefit the firm in the long run, though the tasks at hand are going to be less fun and more repetitive with less creative aspects to them.

Fun and creativity has to be sacrificed for a short time before we can start targeting projects that entail a more creative aspect to them. In the long run, this is something that will benefit the company in numerous positive ways, financial growth being the main area of focus for this project.

I’m excited as always for new projects, since they all add new and valuable skill-sets to my daily thirst for working knowledge on business and marketing. In addition to acquiring business knowledge, I'm also going to implement skills I’ve learnt during my time at Onpoint and build on them.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Endicott College

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Making progress

          I started the day by collecting leads for Onpoint's upcoming phoenix division. My lead numbers were a little low today because the business categories that I was focusing on had a lot of dead links and expired listings. I still managed to sort through them and find the companies that are still active.
           After that, I shifted my focus over to posting articles related to drunk driving and bullying. The drunk driving article was about a man who is now facing 7 years in prison for accidentally killing someone when he drove through a red light. Police found that he had a blood alcohol level that was three times the legal limit. The bullying article was about a high school student who had been shot and killed in what was probably a drug related incident. What made this especially tragic was that the student started using drugs and being involved in criminal activity after he had been bullied for putting on weight. The article greatly demonstrated how bullying can negatively transform a person. 
-Bijan Hennessey

Leads For Everybody

It was a very different week for me this time, since I was out of the office for a couple of days due to an illness. Regardless of that though, It's always nice to be back and feel welcome to my workplace.

Today the objective was lead generation and updating the blogs. For the first portion of the day, I spent my time collecting leads for the company, which I can definitely say I've gathered a great amount of working knowledge on. 

It's great to know that I know have a skill set, that allows me to create a list of leads, and organize them in such a way that the list can be shared and updated efficiently by people working in the organization.

The second half of the day involved generating leads for the "Don't Test Me" project, the list involves collecting the information of various blogs, Facebook and websites that area against animal testing, or are animal lovers in general.

As always, I'm very excited to see how much the project grows each week, and can't wait to see it finalized.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Endicott College