Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today is Wednesday, and a very productive Leads day.  Today I have successfully done research on business in the towns of Auburndale, as well as Shrewsbury.  I think what did the trick today was my method of numerous windows side by side.  Also I found today that I do leads the fastest when I have club music, or like techno music playing, go figure!

Today I will complete a logo for a client, which I believe we are still working on.  The picture below is my inspiration for the logo.  The company is an applied marketing company, So I was inspired by the word applied.  The client liked the idea of lightbulbs, with their current logo having a target in it, I decided to combine the two!  I plan to have a bullseye lightbulb with the sticker being applied onto it.

Meghan Connolly
Design Intern 
Umass Dartmouth

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