Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Pru

On Wednesday Rebecca, Pete, and I went to the Prudential in Boston to do some on-site marketing at one of our clients locations, Flamers. Flamers is a restaurant in the food court of the Pru. They serve mostly burgers, hotdogs, sausages, chicken and fries. When we first got there we met the owner, Terri and heard a little about what they wanted us to do. We were to ask customers if they wanted to join our email list where they would receive hundreds of dollars worth of coupons for Flamers, they would also receive a coupon for free fries on their net visit and a pen on the spot. So the three of us put on our Flamers shirts and got to work.

At first we were standing behind the counter, but found it difficult to engage the customers from there so we moved to the edges of the line. This was a lot more effective because we could make conversation with the customers and we weren't in the way of the employees.

It was a little scary approaching people at first, but after the first few I got used to it. I was surprised how many people said yes, it was a lot more than I though. The rejections were still a little awkward and I vowed to never just walk by people that I see in the future doing something similar to what we were doing. We were there for two and a half hours and ended up with 30 signatures. This may not seem like a lot, but most of the people we approached were from out of town and joining the email list would not have been beneficial to them.

Over all it was a good day and afterwards we got a free lunch from Flamers, which was delicious, and we got to keep our shirts.

Today at Esente we are going to be working on one of our clients blogs and next week one of the artists Jana is going to be here. I think she is doing a photo shoot and recording some songs! Hopefully some of the interns will be able to help out with these things, I think they would be really interesting to see!

Shayna LaHaise
UMass '13

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