Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Day

It’s my last day! I can’t believe my internship is over already. I learned a lot of different things. I wrote blog ports for many kinds of business, I conducted e-mail marketing and Internet marketing research, I collaborated with artists, I maintained social media accounts for various businesses and musical artists. I went on a sales call and to a studio recording and photo shoot. I also contributed to a nationwide anti-bullying project.

This experience has been so valuable because of the diversity of what I’ve learned. Esente allowed me to work within the world of music and OnPoint introduced me to that of web design and marketing. Since OnPoint works with so many different types of companies, I was able to market for everything from an orthopedics office to a dance academy.

I will always be grateful for what I have learned here. I wish everyone the absolute best!

Hanna Lane
English Literature

University of New Hampshire ‘14

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