Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last Week

     Today marks the first day of my last day here at Esente. I have learned a lot interning here this summer and I'm going to miss it. Once today is done, I only have 2 days left. I'm ready for summer to end and am excited to move back to Boston and start my senior year at school. Since I studied abroad last semester, I haven't seen many of my friends at school since December, so I am very excited to see them all.
     I have been collecting leads all morning for Building and Construction businesses in Framingham, and when Manta decided to stop working I started collecting leads for Retail Shopping businesses in Weymouth. I collected a total of 50, which is a little below average but we had a late start with leads this morning so I guess it all evens out. After lunch I will probably be working more on the commercial idea that Ron told us about last week. I started collecting pictures of faces that had visible foreheads that we could then later place bullying statistics on top of, as a way to show the viewers to "face the facts of bullying." I collected about 12 good photos so I think that should be enough for now. I also started collecting a bunch of bullying statistics that I found in a bunch of the stop bullying now videos and website. I'll probably start to edit the photos and put them all into black and white and start adding the statistics onto the foreheads later today so that they can all be more unified. I'm excited to be working on something that will be used in a commercial! It's nice to be working on something different than what I have been doing all summer.

Hollister Ream
Graphic Design Intern
Wheelock College '14

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