Monday, August 12, 2013

3 More Days

The last week of my internship at Esente Music group is finally here. This morning I collected contact information from companies in Weymouth and Framingham. My lead count was 55 and my luck on Manta today was about average.

Our client Becca Levy is in town this week for video shoots, recordings and photo shoots. I'm guessing Ron doesn't want too many people going on the shoots so hopefully I am able to go on Wednesday. Becca and Ron haven't been in the office yet but they are expected to be here at some point today.

I am really excited for tonight because I am going to see Black Sabbath at the Comcast Center! I am leaving a little early today since the show is far away and I have to go back to Haverhill first. A few of the other interns are leaving today and this really is the week that almost everyone is leaving. Good luck to everyone who is leaving, I had a great time this summer meeting you guys.

Randy McGravey
Public Relations Intern

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