Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Internship Almost Over

It is getting close to the end of my internship here at Esente Music Group. Next Wednesday is my last day so I have another 4 days after today. The experience has been interesting and helpful and has introduced me to a bunch of cool people. The next step for me is to go out into the real world and get a real job. 

Today my internet marketing research was slightly frustrating because I encountered several pages worth of useless/repeated companies on Merchant Circle. After all was said and done, I managed to generate 53 leads which isn't that far below my average. 

Most of the interns went to a photo shoot today with our client Jayna. I wish I could have gone because that is more relevant to music business than almost everything that I've done in the office. Hopefully in the remaining week I can go to something outside of the building. The amount of work that needs to be done is dwindling since most of the interns are leaving next week. Today I will be leaving early to go to the eye doctor. You stay classy Esente Interns.

Randy McGravey
Public Relations Intern
Esente Music Group

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