Monday, August 5, 2013

(Insert Clever Title here)-Part 25

Hey everyone happy monday. I had a nice weekend thanks for asking. Last Wednesday Rebecca, Shayna, and I went to Flamer's Grill in the the Prudential Center in downtown Boston. We offered free coupons and pens to all the customers who showed up. We also offered potential customers to sign up for the Flamer's email list, we collected about 35 total (Yes Shayna, and Rebecca collected more than me, though Ron had correctly predicted this outcome due to my Y chromosome.) I think it was a good day for Flamer's because even though we did not as many emails as we hoped one, the owner was happy with the results, two we gave out a lot of pens and coupons to help spread the brand name and give incentive to have customers to return, and three we promoted a friendly, happy, human environment  to the restaurant (Even if Rebecca was making fun of me the whole time.)

My time here is starting to wind down so I've created a couple goals for myself to finish before I leave. I plan on having the 50 project shell done for the fall interns to send and create the website within the first week, I plan on finishing the intern video with everybody else, and I plan on helping finish whatever Kickstarter stuff Ron wants me to so he can start that as soon as possible.    

-Peter Sliva

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