Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Last Day Cometh'

Welp, like all good endings the hero finally finishes his quest and gets to live his fateful dream to ride away into the sunset and live happily ever after. Unless you're watching Game Of Thrones then your dreams are just brutally slaughtered along with your favorite character.

I did leads today got 74, a nice way to end the season.

My time here at Esente has been great. I've had some laughs, learned a lot, and overall just had a good experience. The employees here were really friendly they even put up with my awful jokes. Met a bunch of other interns that in general were just cool people, hopefully we'll see each other later in life it'd be nice to catch up on old times a few years from now. For the most part I generally was doing something new each day, whether it was taking something new by mself or working in a team to solve a problem. I'd recommend this internship for anybody looking to get a start in the business or music world. You won't regret the choice, plus as a bonus Beverly has some of the best food i've had in a long time. They're all locally owned and the quality of the food shows.

Well  there's not much I can say really, if anyones reading this check out this internship, check out the food in the area, and check out a book for self because the Great and Almighty Reading Rainbow says "Knowledge is Power."

This is Peter Sliva for the Last time signing off,
You stay classy Beverly.

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