Friday, August 9, 2013

ending on a good note

Today was my first day back but also sadly my final day here at Esente.
I researched companies of business and other related matters in Fitchburg Ma. As I was researching I found several interesting designs for logos and screenshot them for a perhaps later project of my own where I can integrate some of the elements of the logos or make some of my own using the interesting colors. If always fascinates me to see what businesses use for their logos. A lot of them abbrieviate their company name to just the first letters of the name or one sigular letter. However they do it, the logo is bold and stands out and because of that I put it into a folder I have of logos and designs I found whenever I am working or mindlessly searching the web. These designs then pose inspiration for the work i create. I often now am reminded of the meeting we had a few short weeks ago when Ron told us that not many artists have been creating new stuff. I now find this true. I find myself "copying" a lot. However I do try my best to create a design that is of my own so I do not run into copy right issues.

Throughout this entire summer, working here has been a real treat. I had the pleasure to work with several artists and creative minds. Not to mention the work that I was able to be a part of. I am proud of what I have done this summer here at Esente Music Group. I will take all that I have learned in my future and apply it to future endeavors

Matthew Carson
Graphics Intern
Keene State College

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