Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One of our biggest accomplishments was expanding the reward tier for our crowdfunding video. This is what we have so far:
$1: Personalized email/thank you and/or listed on our donor page on 1Loud Street
$5: Bracelet (similar to livestrong, with one of our phrases/ 1Loud Street)
$25: T-Shirt and Bracelet
$50: Be on the Limited Digital Playlist with all other backers
$100: Backer gets listed on our Featured Artist Page
$200: Musician or band gets to be in a tutorial video
$500: Backer gets guest spot on “Band Rescue
$750: Backer gets 3 personal one on one Skype sessions with industry expert, Ron
$1000: Backer gets studio sessions with Jayna Liniger and Ron
I think that these rewards will attract a lot of investors because of how different they are in comparison to the rewards offered by other Web projects on Kickstarter.

We also discussed possible ways to promote 1Loud Street offline. The reason for this is that Kickstarter deletes projects with links that have been posted too frequently. I believe that the best way to go about this is to team up with local music schools and give them and their spots on the 1Loud Street website in exchange for promotion.

-Bijan Hennessey

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