Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Today was a long one, and one of our most productive, filled with meetings, brainstorming, and Kickstarting. Having a round (rectangle) table discussion with Ron, Jenny, and the other interns about 10,000 Song Strong, 1Loud Street, and Live to Rock Again proved to be fruitful in generating ideas and getting everyone's wheels turning. We spent some time breaking down a timeline and outline of what our points of attack should be and what we should be focusing on. Afterwards, we created an outline of how we should plan on marketing the Kickstarter campaign, who we should target, and how we are going to get the project to be funded. I think with the collective talents of the four of us with Ron at the helm, we should be able to run a successful campaign, make some money, help some musicians, and save some lives.

Until next time...

Brenden Groom
Marketing & PR Intern

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