Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Icons, Icons, Icons!

On this humid summer tuesday, the design interns were drafted to support the main design team with a website project called Floorplan. Out task was to create dozens of icons of furniture and household items for a future use. Using adobe illustrator, we spent the day creating icons such as sofas, desks, chairs, tables, baths, sinks, and many others. Although this sounds like it would be a somewhat tedious task, it was in fact an excellent opportunity to not only practice, but *showcase* our design skills. It is these kinds of tasks we can expect to do as professional designers, and to have the chance to practice this in a real life situation is something I personally, cherish.

On another, sadder, note, we found out today that one of the original interns, our friend Zack, said goodbye to the program over the weekend. Having been one of the original PR interns that started the 12 Pack project, it will be a loss for us, not only with his knowledge, but his personality too. All we can do now is look forward and try to pick up where he left off. Hopefully we'll get a new batch of interns soon to help out!

Adios Zack, stay frosty.

Mike D
Design Intern

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