Monday, July 21, 2014

Banner Factory

Today we had our first visit with our main artist, Jayna Lininger. She had a photo shoot with our main ad team early in the day, so the meeting only lasted a few minutes, but we got to meet her, chat a little, etc... and we will have a more in-depth interview with her tomorrow.

Other than that, because mostly design interns were present today, we were assigned to design web banners for our 12 pack artists. After creating a basic template to base each banner off of, we split off to each take a state, until all of them were completed. In all, there were probably 40-50 banners made today, with more to go tomorrow. Overall, a somewhat simple, but entertaining task. Especially working with the artists photos was interesting.

Tomorrow we'll go over the Jayna interview and see what else the day presents!

Till tomorrow sports fans,

Mike D
Banner Maker/Design Intern

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