Thursday, August 28, 2014


Started my day off with some anti-bullying researching and blogging. Some of the things that happen across our country are mind boggling, kids being duct taped to chairs in school, all the harassment that takes place online, and all of the organizations out there that are against bullying yet it's still so prevalent. One in every three kids is bullied and the youth rate of suicide is continuing to increase, that should be enough in itself to raise awareness in parents, teachers, police officers, and anyone else in power that can play a vital roll in decreasing these numbers. 

I digress... 

On the 1Loud Street front today, I researched more Kickstarters and tried to breakdown a list of what our goals should be and what we should start working on and assigning to each other. I think, aside from the video, we need to analyze our priorities as far as what needs to get done. How else we are going to promote the Kickstarter aside fro the actual donation page, how we are going to reach out to musicians, and planning our first batch of tutorial videos.

Hopefully next week when the whole core team is together we can delve deeper into 1Loud Street.

Until next time...

Brenden Groom
Marketing & PR
1Loud Street

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