Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The start of a new project

Yesterday I spent most of my day doing article summaries for both bullying and drunk driving to be used on the blog. That took up most of my day until all of the interns had a group meeting with Ron to get a new assignment to work towards a project. This project is centered around an idea for a new app that will be centered around dog parks, which is inspired by the office's black lab mascot Benny. Taf had already learned a little bit about this idea a few weeks ago and did some initial research on similar apps already out there. Today I spent my time reading his notes, looking at all the similar apps, critiquing them, and reading reviews. From there, I brainstormed the type of features we could add to the ones Ron already gave us in the meeting and outlined specifics about each feature. I also wrote down some additional ideas that we could possibly incorporate into the app, as well as some design elements. I'm really looking forward to seeing this project through and have been writing down notes even outside the office of ideas that pop into my head or other info to explore. Tomorrow the other interns are in the office so we can sit down and discuss what we have  so far and go from there.

Kayleigh Tansey
PR Intern

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