Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Summing It All Up

I'm now halfway through week 6 of my internship here at the Esente office. Taf and I spent last Thursday and yesterday finishing both the Internship Guideline book and the Social Media book. We also split up the article summaries of this week for the blog. Today I'm the only intern in the office so I'm writing up a social media critique and strategy on how to promote Jayna using the social media she already has or should utilize. This consists of a lot of time looking through her facebook, reading tweets, seeing what hashtags she uses on instagram, etc. Personally social media campaigning is a strong point of mine so I'm finding this to be not overly challenging and also enjoyable. When Taf is in the office again tomorrow I'd love to have him read over the work I've done today and give me feedback or add his own ideas. Collaboration is key when it comes to campaigning.

Kayleigh Tansey
PR Intern

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