Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today when I get into the office I picked up where Kayleigh left off yesterday with our research about the new dog park app. She got a lot accomplished yesterday so I didn’t have much to research this morning. I just had a few questions and ideas to bounce off of her, luckily she got into the office not to long after me. When she got here we talked about the research she had done and how we would could improve our list. We changed a couple things and wrote down questions and ideas we had for Ron. When Taf got here we brought him up to speed on everything and then Ron called us into his office for a meeting. In the meeting we set some goals as to where we think we should be at certain dates. We will now spend the rest of the day continuing to move forward with this project and trying to meet our goals.

Matt Langill
Graphic Design Intern

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