Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We Love our Dogs Here

Our most recent project is a very exciting one, and I'm glad to say we're making great progress on it.
It's called "Don't Test Me". For this project we are looking to create a dog book where we include the photos of 50 dogs, which owners are going to submit in order for us to put together and launch as part of a campaign looking to put and end to animal testing for non-essential products. 

Products in these category can range from the cosmetic industry to the perfume one. We are trying to raise awareness, in order for people to stop buying products from the companies that test on animals, and opt for the brand that doesn't  even if the price is higher than the company hurting our pets.

We have made great progress with the project. And as long as week keep pushing through, and tackle every task as efficiently as we have in the last two weeks, we are going to have a final product within the next month. 

I'm very excited to be involved at such depth in such an important project for the company, and can't wait to see the final product in a few weeks time.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Endicott College

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