Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Final Tweaking

I started my day by doing drunk driving and bullying article summaries for the blog. This was surprising easy as there were many interesting and unique articles from over the weekend. Today all of the interns are in the office so we put together all of the material we have thus far for the dog park project. At the internship meeting with Ron, he was very happy with the work we have done and gave us some more info to move forward and any revisions we need to make. For the most part, the project is done and now it's just focusing on translating what we having into a website, which will be created by Heather, the art director. Matt and I played around a little with visuals for the site and app already which may be incorporated into Heather's design in the future. Tomorrow I'll be working on the revisions Ron suggested as well as writing some of the content for the site.

Kayleigh Tansey
PR Intern

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